Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks: Did you know you're supposed to drink approximately 20 oz  of fluids per hour of activity? So in addition to to getting energy and electrolytes through a gel, chew or bar, you can get more of these essential ingredients with your fluids. These great options mix into water to keep you hydrated, no matter how long your workout!

Accelerade: Accelerade is an advanced sports drink that provides a 4:1 carbohydrate to protein mixture. This mixture works to extend endurance, speed muscle recovery and enhance rehydration. Mix this packet with 12 fluid oz and you'll have 190mg of sodium, 65mg of potassium, and 21g of carbs on the way to fuel you up.

GU Roctane: Familiar with GU Roctane energy gels? Same idea here with GU Roctane Ultra Endurance drink. With this you're going to get a high amount of sodium and potassium, along with 59g of carbs in a full packet.


Hammer Heed: If you don't 'HEED' our advice, you may end up unprepared. Bad jokes aside, Hammer Heed is a great drink to replace your electrolytes during  shorter workouts. You'll get 100 calories and all the essential electrolytes you'll need to keep you hydrated. Going a longer distance? Check out Hammer Perpetuem.

Hammer Perpetuem: Think of Perpeteum, as Heed on steroids. Okay, not literally steroids, but Perpetuem has more of the great ingredients you get from Heed to increase your length of strong activity. Perpetuem is specifically formulated for use during training or competition lasting two hours or longer.

Hammer Endurolytes: Don't want to carry around a water bottle? Then Endurolytes capsules could be a great option for you. These capsules are loaded with electrolytes and go down easy. They'll help you replenish your electrolytes while keeping your hands free. Make sure to get a free coin pouch to keep your pills in during your runs!

PowerBar IRONMAN Perform: IRONMAN Perform is designed to support optimal endurance performance during physical activity. Included in IRONMAN Perform is a C2MAX blend, which gives you the optimal ratio of glucose and fructose for your body. Per eight fluid ounces you'll get 70 calories including 190 mg of sodium and 17g of carbohydrates. Of course as the name says, this is an Official IRONMAN Product.

Nuun: Nuun is basically Gatorade without the sugar. Included in one tube of Nuun are 12 tablets that dissolve in 16 oz of water within 2 minutes. This is an easily portable product that you can use multiple times over a long distance training or race and provides 180mg of sodium and 50 mg of potassium in a the three calorie tablet. Use Nuun before to stock up electrolytes and use it during and after to replace what you've lost.

S!Caps: S!Caps are high on one thing: Sodium. How high? Four of the five ingredients in S!Caps are a form of salt. So for all intents and purposes, these are salt pills. Salt is a huge part of replenishing your electrolytes and for those looking for a basic electrolyte, this could be it. Each capsule contains 341 mg of sodium and 21 mg of potassium.

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