So you've decided to go for a run. You open the closet or drawer and wonder to yourself, 'What should I wear today?' Put down that cotton t-shirt and get yourself into some technical running apparel. In any sort of weather, polyester-based technical apparel is going to keep you comfortable from head to toe. Polyester is a wicking material that will keep you drier than materials like cotton, which soak up and hold sweat rather than moving it away from the body.

In addition to being comfortable, running apparel is made with running in mind. Many pieces of apparel will feature some sort of reflectivity to increase your visibility during low-light activity. Some shirts and shorts will have special ventilation areas or pockets to help you hold your keys, your energy gels, or your music device of choice. We know you'll see the difference in technical apparel, all you've got to do is try it on!

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