Shorts/Pants: The bottoms are just as important as your tops. All shorts and pants are also made to be dry-wicking and keep you comfortable while you run. We'll let you decide what weather to wear them in, but keep reading for tips on what to look for.

Shorts: When we talk about shorts, we're not encouraging you to wear short-shorts like basketball players back in the day. Just get a pair that is comfortable and supportive. The main thing you'll notice about running shorts, regardless of length, is that they all have an inner lining. This inner lining is meant to be worn in the place of regular underwear in both men's and women's shorts. The linings come in different lengths and fits from a more traditional fit like underwear to a 2 in 1 length that is the same length as the short.  Another important aspect of shorts is pockets. Most running shorts will have an inner key pocket and some have outer pockets, either zippered or Velcro. These can be used for carrying energy gels, keys or anything else you run with.

Pants/Tights: Get into a pair of these when the temperature drops.  You've got a couple decisions to make when it comes to covering your legs; First is whether you want something that are form fitting like tights or a more traditional pant that is slightly looser. Ideally try to find a fit without extra fabric flapping around that could decrease your aerodynamic properties. Depending on the temperature there are many types of thermal and windproof pants available.


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