Socks: We believe socks are one of the most important pieces of your running ensemble. Why? Socks are the closest layer to the skin inside your shoes.  All of the  the socks we offer are guaranteed not to give you a blister.  The materials they are made of and the way they are woven allow us to stand behind this claim. If we were to give you one piece of advice when it comes to socks it would be "stay away from cotton."  The problem with cotton is that it just soaks up your sweat and holds it, promoting chafing, blisters, and irritation. We believe we carry some of the best socks available, they are all dry-wicking, just like shirts and shorts to keep you comfortable and dry even in the hottest conditions.

Balega: These socks, which come out of South Africa, are the thickest in our store. They are also the least compressive around your foot and most cushy. Balega's have a seamless toe to avoid added friction and feature a double reinforced heel and toe for lasting durability. Balega's no-show socks also offer a heel tab to protect from rubbing in and around the heel area.

Drymax: Drymax socks feature one of the coolest technologies of any product in our store. As the name suggests it is one of the driest socks on the market, but it's how the socks keep your foot dry that is so cool. These are dual layer socks with the outside being moisture attracting, and the inside being hydrophobic (watch the demo here). This will keep your foot extremely dry and the Y Heel makes the fit very comfortable.

Feetures: Feetures are right in the middle as far as sock thickness goes, but are pretty compressive, featuring an arch wrap to stay snugly fit. The high density cushioning provides extra protection in high impact areas and the anatomical fit (specific R and L socks) enhances the overall fit to give you maximum comfort and protection.

Swiftwick: Swiftwick are by far the thinnest socks we have in the store. And at 200 thread count, they are still very durable and comfortable on the foot. Swiftwicks are compressive on the foot and don't slip down due to this compression. They contain a Nobel Prize winning fiber called "olefin" that retain less than .01% of its weight in moisture. This will help you stay cool and dry even when the heat is cranked up outside.


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