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 The Ambassadors

The main role of the LDP Ambassadors is to promote the sport of running and walking in Louisville.  These individuals are high energy, love the sport of running and love to share that love with everyone they meet. They are all speeds from walking to running!  Their main responsibilities are to be a support team of mentors for training programs, volunteer at local races and events and spread the word about events, promotions and races.  While this is a group of volunteers, there are many great perks to being a part of this awesome team.

Tell us why you want to be a Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador.
What organizations or activities are you a part of outside of work?
Where are you currently employed, what is your job role?
Are you on Facebook?
How many friends do you have?
Are you on Twitter?
How many followers do you have?
Are you on Instagram?
How many followers do you have?
Do you have a blog? Can you share the link?
What, if any, volunteer work are you currently involved in?
What Fleet Feet Sports events/programs have you been involved in?
Tell us about your training regimen. What distances do you enjoy? How many races do you run per year? Do you prefer roads or trails?
Why do you run?
What are your current favorite: Running Shoes, Running Top, Running Shorts, any other favorite accessories.

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