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We are currently looking for ambassadors for our training programs which range from 5k to marathon distances. The Fleet Feet Ambassador Team is a passionate group of running and walking mentors who take joy in helping others reach their goals. 

As an ambassador, you will help spread the word about Fleet Feet Training Programs, sponsored events, and races via social media, you will provide advice, give encouragement, impart knowledge, and share your own personal experiences with other training program participants. Everyone has a story to tell, so make sure you listen but also tell your own. Your job will be to take care of and listen to participants in an effort to foster confidence and trust; thereby empowering them to realize their own, great potential. Simply put, as an ambassador, you will have the chance to make a huge difference in the lives of others.

Our ambassadors are a group of outstanding role models who band together to offer a support system to newer, more inexperienced runners. They represent the Fleet Feet running community with both loyalty and respect. Ambasadors are a wealth of knowledge and serve to inspire others to cross the finish line!

A Fleet Feet Ambassador is...

  • Someone who has served as an ambassador/mentor for a Fleet Feet Training Program in the past
  • Someone who is willing to share advice, wisdom, and experience
  • Someone who is eager to share Fleet Feet news and events via social media
  • Someone who is willing to assist a coach, to arrive early, and to study routes and training group materials ahead of time
  • Someone who promotes safety
  • Someone who is willing to communicate openly with other team members as well as a head coach and program coordinator
  • Someone who is willing to attend and promote Fleet Feet sponsored clinics and events
  • Someone who is willing to help brain storm on ideas and to help carry out plans that will enrich the training program and benefit it's members
  • Someone who is willing to volunteer their time or services in some capacity (i.e. map making, water stops, packet pick ups, events and clinics, or making social media posts)
  • Someone who posesses any or all of the following qaulities: warmth, friendliness, generosity, an attitude of inclusivity, kindness, and an open mind
As an active ambassador you will receive free entry to the training program, a 20% discount on all Fleet Feet Louisville purchases, discounted race entries, exclusive events, free gear, and the awesome feeling that comes from being a trusted advisor and a member of an outstanding team! If you have what it takes to be a Fleet Feet Ambassador, please let us know by completing the application below.
Would you like to be an Ambassdor for the half, full, or 5k training group?
Tell us why you want to be a Fleet Feet Sports Ambassador.
What organizations or activities are you a part of outside of work?
Where are you currently employed, what is your job role?
Are you active on social media? Which forums do you use most often?
What is your long run training pace within a 1 minute range?
What Fleet Feet Sports events/programs have you been involved in?
What are your current favorite: running shoes, running top, running shorts, any other favorite accessories?

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