New Year's Resolutions

New Year

Runner's World recently ran an article titled:
"This Year I Will".

Check out their compiled list of resolutions and some of the ways we can help you reach those resolutions:

Resolution #1 - Race Farther
We can help - Our spring training program offers several distances to take you farther than you've been before.

Resolution #2 - Try Yoga

Resolution #3 - Lose 10 Pounds

Resolution #4 - Be More Consistent
We can help - Group Runs are Mondays & Wednesdays @ 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays @ 8 a.m.

Resolution #5 - Try a Triathlon

Resolution #6 - Win a Medal

Resolution #7 - Try Trail Running

Resolution #8 - Stop Giving Up
We can help - Encouragement of personalized coaching and camaraderie keep you going.

Resolution #9 - Figure out my Watch
We can help - Our capable staff looks forward to helping you optimize  your runs by walking through all the watch functions with you.  We are familiar with the best the industry has to offer.

Resolution #10 - Give Back to the Sport
We can help - Contact us to find out more about how to serve in the community.

Resolution #11 - Find More Partners
We can help - As the official Triple Crown Training Sponsor, the group will boast somewhere around 150 people!

Resolution #12 - Beat My PR
We can help - Training with challenging partners helps increase your speed and determination.

Let us help you fulfill YOUR resolution this year!

Spring Training for the Triple Crown and Kentucky Derby Festival Half and Full Marathon begins January 7.  The program offers personalized coaching, weekly email, camaraderie of others just like you, and a structured schedule to keep you on the right track toward your goal.  This group is perfect for anyone whether you're training for your first long race or your fastest 5K!

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