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Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the connective tissue under the foot.  As there are many causes of this injury, there are many possibilities for healing.  We look forward to finding the best solution for you!
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The Strassburg Sock

This is an excerpt from "What is Plantar Fasciitis and How Would the Strassburg Sock Help Me?", written by Dr. David Strassburg, inventor of the Strassburg Sock.
"First described in the medical literature by Dr. Hicks way back in 1954, (the Windlass Effect) basically can be described as a tightening of the plantar fascia by bending your toes backwards towards you knee. You can see it in action by doing this: Place one hand in the middle of your arch. Use the other hand to pull your toes back. That band of tissue that tightens and pops up out of the bottom of your arch is your plantar fascia. Most night splints are rigid on the bottom, where you put your arch. When dad created the sock in a effort to make it more comfortable he didn't put anything rigid on the bottom. The effect is that the stretch applied is focused on the toes rather the foot and ankle, the windlass mechanism is engaged, and the plantar fascia is directly stretched while sleeping. Just like we used before in the knuckle example, allowing the fascia to heal in a stretched position at night speeds recovery and maintains the benefits of any daytime treatments."

The Stick & Trigger Point Technologies

 Tight muscles in the calf may be the source of your plantar pain.  Both The Stick and products from Trigger Point Technologies offer solutions through manually loosening those muscles.  Relaxation of the calf muscles allows better flexibility in the plantar fascia.  These self massage tools are easy-to-use  and improve muscle health.


Inserts support healthy plantar fascia by elongating the connective tissues under the foot and supporting the arch to prevent undue stress to sensitive areas.  We choose to carry Superfeet and Powerstep. 

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